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A Day in the Life – Rosemarie, Firm Administrator

A Day in the Life at Calibre CPA Group-

Rosemarie Hechinger, Firm Administrator

What is your title? Describe what you do.

My title is Manager of Administration, but most refer to me as the Firm’s Administrator.  In this position, my responsibilities include managing the Firm’s administrative operations, supporting the supervision, work standardization, and coordination of administrative personnel across all locations. I also work closely with the Management Committee on various Firm initiatives to execute effective and efficient operations. I also work with the office and Functional Leaders to develop, maintain and improve the Firm’s infrastructure.

Why did you get into the accounting/audit industry?

I took an accounting class my senior year in high school and loved it.  I graduated from college as a Business Management major with an Accounting minor.  I took a position with a 3rd party administrator that worked with several accounting firms.  One of those Firms asked me to join their team and the rest is history.

What are three things you do every day? Do you have any morning “rituals”?

I am an early riser.  I make a cup of coffee to get me through a boot camp exercise class, drive to the Bethesda office and check my emails (hoping for little or no surprises).

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of your job?

The most challenging part of this job trying to keep the Firm running smoothly and helping to meet its deadlines.  The rewarding parts of this position is working with the Partners and helping to execute their vision for the Firm.  I also love working with the staff, doing what I can to help make their jobs a little easier.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a role like yours? Are there specific character traits or skills/certifications they should possess?

The advice I would share is to know a little about the accounting field and particularly the vision of the Firm.  Also, be familiar with the Firm’s client base.  Calibre has a very specific and unique client base.  As for specific traits, I would suggest good organizational and time management skills as well as interpersonal skills will be an asset to success. Most importantly, I find that being adaptable to change and being a good listener helps.

What do you like best about Calibre?

That’s easy.  The people.



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