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A Day in the Life – Tom, Controller

A Day in the Life at Calibre CPA Group-

Tom Soban, Controller

What is your title? Describe what you do.

I am the Controller for the firm, which consists of almost 200 employees. I oversee the accounting & bookkeeping function for the firm, including the 401(k) plan. Perhaps my most important responsibility is monitoring cash balances and vendor accounts.

Why did you get into the accounting/audit industry?

I was always good with numbers and enjoyed Math. And I always liked to understand the mechanics of how businesses made money. But ultimately, I knew that I could get a job/career directly out of college.

What are three things you do every day? Do you have any morning “rituals”?

Get a cup of coffee.

Look at cash balances.

Update the Critical Path for the next couple of days.

Everything in the company runs on a cycle—from daily tasks to annual tasks. These tasks are generally known, so you operate based on when those essential items need to occur.

Anything that is unexpected gets added to the list, and we act accordingly, based on our critical path.

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of your job?

Properly handling the unexpected items.

Meeting the demands of numerous stakeholders at Calibre.

The rewards are solving any sort of problem and knowing that things are running smoothly.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a role like yours? Are there specific character traits or skills/certifications they should possess?

Keep working at it. The experience at Calibre and accounting is invaluable. The ability to apply your experience to similar situations is very helpful.

What makes Calibre CPA Group different than your previous workplaces?

I sincerely like and enjoy the people I work with. And the company’s ability to navigate the turbulent (COVID) times and keep moving forward has been a stabilizing force.



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