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Calibre CPA Group’s leadership team is comprised of experienced and insightful accounting, audit, taxation and forensic professionals who possess extensive industry experience and a deep commitment to client satisfaction. We dedicate ourselves to keeping up with the latest rules, regulations and industry changes so our clients can stay ahead.

Our partners and principals possess highly-specialized knowledge and are actively involved in each and every project. To find out more about our team’s unique accomplishments, affiliations and experiences, please see their biographies below.

James C Kokolas, CPA - Calibre CPA Group / Managing Partner

James C. Kokolas, CPA

Managing Partner | Washington, DC
Mark A Batliner CPA CFE - Calibre CPA Group

Mark A. Batliner, CPA, CFE

Partner | New York, NY
Corey D Bilkey CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Corey D. Bilkey, CPA

Partner | Chicago, IL
Arthur E Budich CPA CFE - Calibre CPA Group

Arthur E. Budich, CPA, CFE

Partner | Washington, DC
Rudolf J Coertzen CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Rudolf J. Coertzen, CPA, CGMA

Partner | Washington, DC
Steven C Darr CPA CMA - Calibre CPA Group

Steven C. Darr, CPA, CMA

Partner | Washington, DC
Jacqueline M Dunn CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Jacqueline M. Dunn, CPA

Partner | Chicago, IL
Glenn M Eyrich CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Glenn M. Eyrich, CPA

Partner | Washington, DC
James E Gomes CPA - Calibre CPA Group

James E. Gomes, CPA

Partner | Washington, DC
Andrew "Andy" J Hein CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Andrew J. Hein, CPA

Partner | Chicago, IL
Joseph M Herishen CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Joseph M. Herishen, CPA

Partner | Washington, DC
John L Leggero CPA

John L. Leggero, CPA

Partner | Chicago, IL
Lila Leno CPA MBA - Calibre CPA Group

Lila Leno, CPA, MBA

Partner | Washington, DC
Jeffrey W Lewis CPA CFE - Calibre CPA Group

Jeffrey W. Lewis, CPA, CFE

Partner | Washington, DC
Patricia H Lovett CPA MBA - Calibre CPA Group

Patricia H. Lovett, CPA, MBA

Partner | Washington, DC
Jospeh R Morello CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Joseph R. Morello, CPA

Partner | New York, NY
Ellen K Odell - Calibre CPA Group

Ellen K. Odell

Principal | Washington, DC
Peter P Osman CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Peter P. Osman, CPA

Partner | Washington, DC
Joseph G Pierson CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Joseph G. Pierson, CPA

Partner | Chicago, IL
Aaron K Plath CPA

Aaron K. Plath, CPA

Partner | Chicago, IL
Mary Margaret Prange CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Mary Margaret Prange, CPA

Partner | Washington, DC
Karen A Roche CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Karen A. Roche, CPA

Partner | Washington, DC
Howard H Simon CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Howard H. Simon, CPA

Partner | Chicago, IL
Michael E Warshaw CPA - Calibre CPA Group

Michael E. Warshaw, CPA

Partner | Washington, DC
William V Voorhees III CPA - Calibre CPA Group

William V. Voorhees, CPA (Ret.)

Partner | Washington, DC